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Arguments for Banning Smoking In Public Places

There has been an ongoing debate for years about whether or not to ban smoking in public places. Both sides of the argument have done their best to deliver compelling facts to support their opinions. No one denies that a person should be allowed to smoke if they choose to, but the problem comes when a person's smoking becomes an issue for those around them. The following are some arguments in favor of banning smoking in public places.

Health Reasons

Obviously, smoking is known to be responsible for numerous health problems and diseases in smokers. However, there's more and more information becoming available about the potential dangers of second hand smoke. Second hand smoke refers to what people are exposed to just from being around smokers. This is probably the biggest argument supporting bans on smoking in public places.

Many people are aware of and understand the dangers of smoking, and that is why they choose not to do it. However, when they are forced to be in the presence of a smoker, their bodies are being exposed to the same risks as the smoker himself. Second hand smoke will rob your body of oxygen needed for nearly all of your organs to function properly.

This puts a person at an increased risk of lung cancer, heart disease and other problems, just as if they were smoking themselves. If someone who is already not in good health is exposed to second hand smoke, the results can be potentially fatal.

Smoking in public places has an even worse effect on children, who's organs and tissue are more vulnerable to the effects. Children who are exposed to second hand smoke will experience an increased number of infections of the nose, ear and throat. These children will also have more difficulty recovering from illnesses than they would have otherwise.

Additional Arguments

Aside from the health reasons, smoking in public places also has several other negative effects. Everyone is aware of the unpleasant smell associated with smoking. Imagine being a non-smoker going out to dinner or some other event, only to find that when you get home, your clothes and even your body smell like cigarette smoke. This is highly offensive to people who are non-smokers.

Allowing smoking in public places puts everyone there in a potentially dangerous situation. Risk of injury by fire is greatly increased in places that allow smoking. The environment suffers as well, as no matter what provisions are put in place, cigarette buts always find their way to the ground or floor or whatever the case may be.

Again, no one is saying that a smoker shouldn't be able to smoke if they choose, but a little consideration for the health and well being of others would be nice. If these bans are put in place, there should still be enough opportunities for smokers to enjoy their habit without forcing others to endure the same ill effects they do.

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